Why Hello There…

I have arrived! Ha!

So this is my first ever blog, and I don’t really know what I’m doing but hey ho, I’ll give it a go. I decided to start this because I am a very self conscious person, and I feel like this might help me out with my body (*ahem face) issues as well as allowing me to document any progress or changes to said face as wellllll as giving whoever might come across this thing some advice or knowledge based on my own experiences 🙂

So as you may have gathered, I have HUGE face hatey issues. Well I say face but I actually mean skin (waaaaa)! Like many black women, I suffer from hyper pigmentation, which basically means if I get a spot or something, it leaves behind a reminder of its existence in the form of a MASSIVE BLACK MARK. Honestly it is the bane of my existence, and even though it is much better than it used to be (a whole other story, which I will go into at some point) it still bothers me a lot. I used to not be able to even leave the HOUSE without make up on, but now I don’t really like the feeling of heavy foundation on my face, so I’ve learnt to go without. Not only am I cursed with hyperpigmentation, but any time I get my period I am absolutely PLAGUED by spots!!!!!!! Which then makes my hyperpigmentation worse and then just ruins my confidence even more as well as the fact that my skin is just generally an enemy of progress, with massive pores, whiteheads, and just a general bumpy texture and weird dry patches.

Sooo I went on YouTube, and watched some vids of Patricia Bright, and if you guys don’t know, then you should get to know! I feel like this woman gets my struggle (sheds one tear)! She is just my hero of the moment, honestly, her skincare videos opened my eyeballs to brands and products I have not even heard of before, and I tell (!!!),  I have just opened my purse and spent a shed load on some shizz just based on the recommendations of this woman. But her skin looks so bright and healthy it is worth a try! My bank card is on my knee looking weak, it is sizzling from over use, the ting looks like it might burst into flames but Lard knows (inserts a bit of drake) it might be worth it!

So when all my goodies arrive, I will let you man know! I’ll try and take some close ups of my problem areas (shudders in fright) as well so you can see what I am working with. Even though I started this because of my skin, I might just write about anythangggg so watch out! Meanwhile, watch the video which gave me actual life!


love and kissesss xxx


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