Mini Haul!


Today, I have been doing a little shopping, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I have taken skincare advice from YouTube, mainly a YouTuber called Patricia Bright, and I have ordered a few products she recommended, but I have also seen 1 or 2 things that look a bit interesting and I would like to try for myself!

Just a little bit about my skin and what I’m trying to FIX, but I won’t go on, because I have mentioned a few of these issues before. Okay soooo, firstly, and my most hated is hyper pigmentation. I also have very uneven skin, and when I say uneven, I mean my face and body could belong to 2 different people -_-. My skin on my face is very dull, even though it is generally quite oily, it has no shine or look of health, it’s just tired looking and needs a bit of brightening up! I also get the occasional breakout and just have generally bumpy, hugely pored skin plus some lovely whiteheads (mostly on my nose) to top it all off 🙂

So on to my first purchase of the day:

  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. £15

This is not one of our lovely Patricia’s products, but an exfoliator is recommended by her. So I found this one, and I’m not going to lie, I only wanted it because it said “microdermabrasion” on it. But if somethings gonna claim to be as good as actual go to a salon and have your face gently grated real life microdermabrasion, then it must be good, right?  It promises to revive dull, grumpy skin, with fine micro particles and CRUSHED GARNET STONES!


  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Vitamin C Moisturiser. £16

Now this is a Patricia Product, but I was shocked at how small it is.

It is TINY

But, I am willing to go with it… give it a go…to be fair, I have heard quite good things about vitamin C creams, and this one, like the exfoliator, also promises to “reveal your natural healthy looking glow”. Despite the slightly cringe inducing descriptions, this has got rave reviews and I am actually looking forward to smearing it all over my face, it smells amazing! Anddd i’m hoping its one of them things where a little goes a long way…

  • REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. £32

Again, not exactly a Patricia Product, but I seen the word Glycolactic and I though THAT IS FOR MEEEE! It’s weird how some women base their decisions on how well a product will work on how a product is labelled (…meaning me) but my goodness, that word made my heart go aflutter. Not cheap at £32 but I feel like the acids in the ingredients will actually make a difference to the dark marks on my skin. I think acids in small doses could be good for the skin, and I say small doses because I had a up and down experience with a skin peel a few years ago (I shall post about at some point). Apparently this has also won a Tatler Beauty Award in 2015 so! So! SO!!! IT MUST WORK RIGHT??? I got this from Marks and Spencer’s, but you probably can get it elsewhere, I haven’t actually checked. The description on the back of the box throws in a few exciting words like “potent” and “dramatically improve” and promises to remove dead skin cells to renew the complexion, but does say if you have sensitive skin you should STEER CLEAR GUYS.

As I write this, I am trying not to calculate how much it all comes up to because I may cry and reconsider paying the gas bill this month. But! I shall persevere! I know I said I would post some photos of my weird face and I promise I will before I start using all this ish, but I want to wait for it all to arrive and create some kind of face cleaning plan and let you man KNOW! Because I defo will not be using some of the more harsher sounding products everyday and need to work out which items will be everyday things, and which will be once every week or so products, but bare with, and you will see my bare face (CRIES)!

Thanks for reaaadinggg!! (If you have been) (which you must have been to have reached so far) (… duh) xxx


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