They Have Arrived!!


Hi Guys,,,

I was awoken this morning by the sound of the postman, violently bashing my door, and honestly, never was there a happier sound… all my goodies are here!! This will probs be a long post coz I did promise you all some “before” photos, so I think i’ll split it into 2. So for the low down keep reading my darlings 🙂

  • Spin for Perfect Skin, £30ish

This, from what I gather, is a similar product to the Clarisonic, however, I did not pay in blood for it! I got this product from a website called VanityPlanet, and it cost me in the end $42.42 including VAT and postage, which works out at about £30, as opposed to between £100 to £200 for an actual Clarisonic. Now, if you just go on the website and look for it, it does actually cost $100, but if you have a read of my first post, I discovered this on Youtube, in a video by Patricia Bright, and she includes a link to the Spin thing with 70% off! 20160623_150242

So enough about price, the Spin for Perfect Skin (SPS), includes 4 heads, 1 for face cleansing, one for face exfoliation, a body brush and a pumice stone for like feet and things. Now upon receiving this thing and having a feel of all the brushes, they don’t actually seem any different, so I’m not sure how they are meant to do different things… BUT I have not used yet, so I might be surprised. The point of the SPS is to remove dead skin cells to promote “cell rejuvenation”, which should reveal lovely clear skin under all the old crap. I got this because I feel like the bristles must work better than just a face cloth or whatever people use, because they can get right into your skin and give it a proper clean out, if you get what I mean?

  • Liquid Gold by Alpha-H £33.50 (+£3.95 shipping)

There is a “try me” bottle, which is £15, but I got a bit excited and went the whole hog. This is also recommended by Patricia, and I got it from the link she provides, which takes you to a webby called cultbeauty and this does look promising. It excites my soul people. It contains glycolic acid (which helps with skin resurfacing, which in turn, helps to diminish the appearance of blemishes :)! It does seem to be one of them things you have to ease your skin into, on the website, it recommends that you use it once a week for a few weeks, and then use it neat for 3 nights a week. Sounds like it might be quite harsh, which is okay for me, as my skins not that sensitive, but time will tell!




  • REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser £19


Now, this I just found when I was looking at the next product on my list. Before my search I never knew what clarifying meant! But now I hear it means that a clarifying product is supposed to give you a deep clean which strips any build up or impurities from your face. However, if you use it too much, it might strip too much of the natural oils from your skin, which is not great… so I think I’ll be using this every other night or less, I’ll have to see how it goes. I chose this one because it contains clay, which is supposed to absorb impurities and make this cleanser eveeeeen better. Happy Days! 🙂

  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant £23.50

This I kind of got by accident. I was watching that Youtube video I keep harping on about, and she mentioned something of Paula’s Choice, but I think I ordered something else :/ but I only ordered the trial size for £7.50 so not much harm done if its rubbish! BUT could be a happy accident, it contains salicylic acid which apparently reduces pores, and like the liquid gold, is something that needs to be eased into. I don’t actually know what BHA means, i’ll need to look into it a bit more but i was just TOO EXCITED I HAD TO TELL YOU ALL!! 


So all in all, I probably need to get more stuff, because I don’t have an everyday cleanser or toner… hm…. Anywho, I will do another post about the state of my skin in a second so please dooo read, and leave some comments guys, i’d love to know if any of you have used any of these or have any questions or comments 🙂 xx



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