All Black People Look The Same

I have heard this time and time again.

Most recently from a white guy at work. There are 3 of us black girls on my department, and he apparently cannot tell the difference between us…

So I came home and asked my boyfriend (who’s family originate from the Ukraine) for his opinion on the matter, and he agreed…

Now instead of getting offended, (okay I got a little angry and asked him if he thought he’d be able to recognise me if he lost me at carnival) I asked him why he thought so, and his answer was “unless you know a few black people, it is hard to tell the difference between you all”.


We have concluded that when white people look at other white people, they differentiate them by things like hair colour, eye colour etc. So then when a white person looks at a black person, they look at eye colour, and hair colour and find it to be pretty similar to the black person they’ve seen before.

The Boyf says, in getting to know a few black people, you start to notice the features with the most variety within our race, such as skin colour, nose shape, lip shape etc, and learn to differentiate  between us all.

The theory is also the same with people from all over Asia apparently.

I hope nobody is offended, because Lord knows I was!! But tis just food for thought ey.

What do you think? Let me know, I find this kind of thing interesting. Comment!!



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